Never Pay Repair Bills Again With Extended Car Service Plan

  • Instant protection against unwelcomed car breakdowns with Extended Service Plan
  • All-inclusive coverage of Engine and Electric Parts beyond manufacturer’s warranty
  • Guaranteed Car Rental Reimbursement in case of a car breakdown
  • Peace of mind with 24/7 Roadside Assistance and Lockout Protection
Extend your car’s life and save money with an all-inclusive AntiWarranty Protection plan. Enjoy worry-free driving experience knowing that you will never have to pay for a car repair bill again. Learn more about getting immediate car repair protection today!

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Why Warranty Protection?

AntiWarranty Protection

Comprehensive protection of car parts PLUS full labor cost reimbursement

Manufacturer's Warranty

Basic coverage of some car parts

Other Warranty Plans

Partial coverage of some car parts

Unbeatable Price & Service

  • Best-in-Class Coverage
  • NO-HASSLE personalized car protection plan
  • NO FEE payment plans

Best-in-Class coverage

  • Engine & Electric Parts Coverage
  • You Choose the Repair Location
  • 24/7 Towing & Roadside
  • 7-Day Flat Tire Repair Protection
  • Car Rental Reimbursement
  • Lost Key Assistance
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Every car owner wants to maximize the car use and minimize the car maintenance and repair costs. After all, since you paid a hefty amount to buy the mechanical beast, why spend more money on it, right? Wrong!

As a smart car owner, you have to factor in costs of regular car maintenance and repair coverage into your car budget. Without proper maintenance routine and repair coverage plan you are likely to spend considerably more on your car in the long-run than you should. This is where we can help.

AntiWarrantyProtection connects you with extended car service plan providers that pay for all kinds of nasty car breakdowns (engine and electric). In summary, extended car service plans act like a safety net against unpleasant and always expensive car repairs. Coverage often includes the necessary replacement parts AND the full labor cost to install them. Service plans sometimes even offer car rental reimbursement to ensure that you always have a way to get around in case of a car breakdown.

We understand that owning a car is not cheap. Let us help you protect yourself against the unnecessary repair expenses. Get a free extended service plan quote from one or more of our partners now. Fill out the form above. The quote is 100% free.